How to convert iTunes m4a files to mp3

While there are a variety of software solution to convert m4a files to mp3s, many of these are paid solutions that do not produce the best results. Here is how you can convert all your files for free, using open source tools with the best quality in an automated way.

Step 1: Download the following files and extract them to a directory on your computer

1. 7zip to unpack ffmpeg from
2. ffmpeg to go from m4a to wav from
3. lame encoder to go from wav to mp3 -> from
4. m4a to mp3 batch file a batch file so you can automate the process

Step 2: Install, unpack and copy all of the download into one directory

Suggested directory C:\convert
You should end up with something like this:

Step 3: Convert away!

1. The program will convert all of your m4a files in one directory. Simply drag and drop the first .m4a file on the m4a2mp3.bat file.
2. Sit back and enjoy